Satellite Radio is a New Celebrity Hangout

Say what you will about satellite radio, it still knows how to attract the stars. One of their primary business strategies has been to secure exclusive deals with big name entertainers to create a slew of channels (or broadcast streams). The strategy makes sense-entertainers are worth the big investment that traditional radio or even network television can’t afford to make in them. They have a certain “brand name” when it comes to familiarity. People immediately link the SIRIUS and XM brand names with a celebrity they know and possibly like. The reputation of the company is elevated, just as the listeners for SIRIUS (and XM, its new division) increase.Who are some of the most prominent names that have been dealing with SIRIUS and XM? Aside from the major acquisition that was Howard Stern, SIRIUS has also gone after A-list celebrities like Martha Stewart, Jimmy Buffett, Eminem, and Steven Van Zandt. Artist Steven Van Zandt was actually the first of a few major artists who was signed by either SIRIUS or its then-competitor XM to create an entire music channel. What have been some of the fruitage of these ambitious signings? Van Zandt created two channels in the Underground Garage, which is a garage rock sub-genre, as well as Outlaw Country, with a slant towards alternative Country music. Other musicians of note have included Keith Morris of Black Flag, Fred Schneider and David Johansen.Who are some other prominent names that have inked in deals? Some high profile sports stars have made appearances including Lance Armstrong, Bill Walton, Scott Ferrall, Tony Hawk Bam Margera and Jason Ellis. SIRIUS has even gone after experienced, well-known deejays like Cousin Brucie, Joe Causi and Richard Blade. Experienced political commentators like Bill Press, Michael Reagan, Bill Bennett, Mike Malloy, and G. Gordon Liddy have all graced the network with their seasoned presence.How about comedy? SIRIUS has worked with Harry Shearer of the The Simpsons fame along with Stephanie Miller and Saturday Night Live’s Jim Breuer. If you’re a fan of Blue Collar Comedy then the names Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall and Ron White will sound familiar, not to mention the eclectic mix of comedy playing at the Laugh Break, with A-lister comics like Jim Gaffigan and Jerry Seinfeld, as well as classics from the honest George Carlin, the heartwarming Bill Cosby, the bizarre Steven Wright, and the irreverent Monty Python.If you fell in love with Ray Charles or even Wanda from In Living Color then you will feel right at home in The Foxxhole, hosted by Jamie Foxx, the Oscar winning, Grammy-nominated actor and comedian. Fox also presents a whole host of top comedians, comedy skits, showcase music and Radio Theater. Newcomers of note including comedian Greg Fitzsimmons (known from MTV’s Idiot Savants) and Dane Cook.When it comes to celebrity endorsements, satellite radio has a line up comparable to network television. What can you say, celebrities like success and SIRIUS satellite radio is quickly becoming the nation’s coolest medium.