Discover New Internet Marketing Strategies For Greater Profits!

Are you ready to discover new Internet marketing strategies for greater profits?
If your business is not on the World Wide Web, you are missing out on opportunities for people to find your business. Did you start your business without a business plan? Of course not! So why would marketing your business be any different?How do you know if your Internet marketing strategy isn’t working?
Simple. Take an inventory of your current business practices. Are sales numbers falling short? When was the last time you sent an email out to customers reminding them of a new service or product? When was the last update to your web site made? If so, you need a new Internet marketing strategy-pronto!Marketing is different from advertising.Marketing is the effort to increase brand awareness among consumers with a strong focus on customer’s current needs or wants, as well as future ones. Marketing includes a variety of different aspects, including research, direct marketing, events and strategic planning. Advertising, on the other hand, informs consumers on what the product is, promotes purchase of the product, and how or where to obtain the product. These outlets often include: print, radio, billboards, TV, and of course, the Internet. Both cost money and both are critical for success. Understanding the differences between the two, as well as how they complement each other, is critical in the success of your Internet marketing strategy.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating and directing targeted traffic to web sites from search engines based on targeted keywords.Pay Per ClickPay Per Click is a tool used on search engines. Using keywords that relate to your business, you can advertise on the page when people are searching for a key word that you choose to associate with your business. Pay Per Click is often referred to as a “Sponsor Link” or a “Sponsor Ad.” Google AdWords, Yahoo! and Microsoft are the biggest providers on the Internet today.Newsworthy InformationCreate a link to a news section on your web site can provide credibility to your business. Press releases and any external links to where your business is mentioned or featured can often make or break a deal for some customers who are deliberating between different options. Make sure your brand is supported on your own web site.Tracking who is lookingDo you know who is viewing your web site? Companies, such as WebTrends (, can assist your business with statistics on your web site. These reports can break down the number of visitors per day, the last page they were on before closing a browser, and can provide enhanced insight into the workings of your web site.If you email them, they will comeDo you have a new product or service? Are you offering a special deal on a current one? Try sending an email blast to your current customer base. Offer a discount on your services if they refer you to a friend via email.Collecting email addresses from your customers is a valuable tool to have. Keeping a connection to your customers every 30-90 days is crucial for maintaining good relationships and drive your sales pipeline.BlogsBlogs, also referred to as Web Logs, can bring visitors to your web site and attract potential customers. Blogs can feature a variety of content. It can be an online diary, a place to provide insight into your products, tips and tricks, and more. It is also a great way for immediate interaction between your customers and you.Web Site StructureWhile ensuring that SEO for your business is effective, you also need to make certain that your web site is functioning, easy to use and informative. This will not only create a user-friendly experience for those who visit your web site, it can also entice those to come back again when seeking additional information.Keep it freshContent, that is! If your web site is outdated, people will leave just as fast as they arrived at your site. Outdated information suggests that your business is behind the times and will not instill confidence in those seeking your products or services.An outdated web site can kill any marketing efforts you have put forth. The last thing you want is time and effort wasted on increasing traffic to your web site, only to leave visitors wondering why when they get there.The bottom line is that an Internet marketing strategy can help successfully position you to your target market/customer base as well as increase leads and convert them to final sales. Today, if no one can find you on the Internet, at least via Google, you don’t exist. And that’s bad for business.